TVNZ has partnered with EECA (the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) on a 1 Climate Special, screening on Wednesday, 16 November at 7:30pm.

Hosted by Miriama Kamo, the one-off special aims to inform, inspire and mobilise New Zealanders who want to take a step towards a green, low-carbon future.

“Emissions from energy make up more than 40% of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas profile,” says Jo Bye, EECA GM Marketing and Communications.

“TVNZ is a powerful platform which connects with New Zealanders on a daily basis, and is therefore uniquely placed to help Kiwis understand these important issues and take action where they can.

“We hope the 1 Climate Special will demonstrate to New Zealanders why we need to get more urgent on climate change, what actions are the most beneficial, and how we can all get started. Plus, there are already thousands of New Zealanders taking amazing steps forward in this space - it’s important their incredible journeys are told to give everybody a sense of what is possible when you just get moving; that we actually can do this.”

EECA's purpose is to mobilise New Zealanders to be world leaders in clean and clever energy use. Engaging hearts and minds is one lever used to achieve this purpose.

“Gen Less, the platform which is backed by EECA and supports the 1 Climate Special, is our way of encouraging people to live more with less harmful and more efficient energy, and to take positive climate action,” Bye says.

The special will focus on the areas of home, business and transport, meeting ordinary Kiwis as they look at the effects of climate change on their lives, and visiting New Zealand businesses as they discuss their sustainability ambitions. It will also look at personal and commercial transport, as well as the air travel mindset.

“TVNZ is on a sustainability journey, and the 1 Climate Special is designed to take our audience on a journey also,” says TVNZ Commercial Director Jodi O’Donnell.

“We know programmes about the state of the planet and the future can at times be overwhelming. The purpose of this special is to show people that there is hope, and that changes we make today can make a difference.

“We at TVNZ think informing, educating and inspiring on this important topic is an excellent use of our scale and storytelling capabilities.”

The 1 Climate Special will screen on TVNZ 1 and will be available on TVNZ+.

Read more about climate change at Gen Less(external link)