Hot water cylinder manufacturer Superheat Ltd has been convicted and fined $9,900, after pleading guilty in the North Shore District Court for failing to meet energy efficiency regulations.

EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) successfully prosecuted Superheat after testing electric hot water cylinders as part of a check testing programme to make sure products and appliances comply with energy efficiency regulations. Superheat pleaded guilty to three charges, two of which represent offending over a period of 12 months.

Chief Executive Andrew Caseley says failure to meet Standards could cost each household up to $650 over the life of the cylinder (about 20 years) at current energy prices.

Mr Caseley says EECA commissioned testing of 12 hot water cylinder models over the past year and six failed to meet energy efficiency requirements. Two suppliers have stopped offering four cylinder models for sale, he says.

“Prosecution is the last resort – we would prefer to work with industry to raise standards.  In this case, Superheat continued to sell cylinders, even though they had been provided test results showing cylinder failures and issued a letter of warning.”

Mr Caseley advises homeowners who have a model that has failed testing to contact the manufacturer.

EECA has published its test results on its website so consumers can assess which models have passed testing. Manufacturers and importers of the tested models have been informed, he says.

"We have published test results because we feel it is in the public interest for people to be informed. EECA will now work with industry to help ensure electric hot water cylinder manufacturers and importers understand and comply with Regulations."


EECA is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Energy Efficiency (Energy Using products) Regulations 2002. EECA check tests regulated products to ensure they meet Minimum Energy Performance Standards and label requirements, as well as the energy efficiency claims of manufacturers and suppliers.

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