Energy Minister Simeon Brown has announced that the public EV charging network will soon boast 25 new high-speed charging hubs along key routes between major urban centres and outlined the Government’s plan to supercharge New Zealand’s EV infrastructure.

The hubs will each have several chargers and be capable of charging at least four – and up to 10 – vehicles at once, as well as being located close to amenities.

“New Zealanders considering an EV need confidence they can charge where and when they need on the public network. The Government is committed to working with industry to supercharge public EV infrastructure to remove ‘range anxiety’ and make owning an EV as easy as possible,” Mr Brown says.

“Our Government has a plan to significantly increase the number of public EV chargers across New Zealand with a goal of 10,000 charging points by 2030. This is part of our ambitious target to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions, aligned with our Net Zero 2050 goal.”

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