EECA (the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) is seeking feedback on its proposed energy levy funding request for the 2024/25 year. 

A portion of EECA’s work programme is funded by levies collected from the road transport fuel, electricity and gas sectors.

This funding helps EECA to deliver its work programme – encouraging, promoting, and supporting energy efficiency, energy conservation, and the use of renewable sources of energy.

"Our opportunity is to build out a national energy system that prioritises reliability and resilience, increases productivity, balances affordability, and achieves positive environmental outcomes,” says EECA Chief Executive Dr Marcos Pelenur.

For the 2024/25 year EECA is consulting on a total levy request of $20.3 million across three areas: 

  • Petroleum or Engine Fuel Monitoring levy: $13.5 million  
  • Electricity Industry levy: $5.1 million  
  • Gas Safety, Monitoring and Energy Efficiency levy: $1.7 million  

The consultation document outlines EECA’s proposed levy spend, which has not increased compared with last year’s total. EECA’s levy-related programmes are part-funded – with a proposed 55% of the costs recovered, and the balance covered by their baseline Crown funding.

The three levies contribute to the following areas: 

  • Regulation of inefficient products – through the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Programme
  • Efficient and low emissions transport – through the Low Emission Transport Fund and Low Emissions Information Provision Programme
  • Productive and energy efficient business – through the Technology Demonstration Programme, Large Energy Users Programme, NABERSNZ Programme, Industry Development Programme, and Sector Decarbonisation Programme
  • Government leadership – through the Local Authorities Programme.

Consultation on the 2024/25 levy programme opened on Monday 8 January and will close on Wednesday 24 January 2024. People who wish to make a submission should email EECA at

The consultation document is available below.

EECA 2024-25 Levy Funding Proposal Consultation Document [PDF 3.8 MB]

Additional information 

EECA is the government agency that works to improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand's homes and businesses, and encourages the uptake of renewable energy.

Our purpose is to mobilise New Zealanders to be world leaders in clean and clever energy use.