Our workplaces

We’ve reduced EECA’s own energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by looking at how we use energy across the organisation.

Changes EECA have made

Here are some of the measures we’ve introduced: 

  • holding videoconferences instead of travelling for meetings
  • hiring smaller rental cars
  • using a building management system at our head office to monitor and reduce electricity consumption
  • introducing energy efficiency measures at all our offices (installing lighting controls, motion sensors, modified air conditioning and upgrading to more energy efficient IT equipment)
  • replacing many of  our lights with LED bulbs
  • using bins to collect compostable waste paper and other recyclables such as used batteries and compact fluorescent bulbs.

How to manage energy - EECA BUSINESS website

Our efforts to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions have been verified by independent organisations.


CEMARS certification, developed by Landcare Research, is an internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification programme which is recognised and accepted in fifty countries.

To gain CEMARS certification, EECA measures and monitors its carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions profile) and makes a commitment to reduce its emissions. EECA's CEMARS certification isindependently verified and is independently certified through Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited, owner and operator of the CEMARS certification programme.

EECA's reports - Enviro-Mark Solutions website


The floors we occupy in Wellington have a rating of 4 stars (representing 'excellent performance') out of a possible 6 under the NABERSNZ office building energy measurement and rating scheme.

NABERSNZ Certified Ratings - NABERSNZ website