The opportunity

A massive 40% of New Zealand’s energy-related emissions come from the business sector.

The largest portion of this comes from industrial process heat — the steam, hot water or hot gases used in industrial processing, manufacturing and space heating, but transport also plays a huge role, whether it’s moving people or goods.

The Government’s Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP), released in May 2022, sets out the plan to brings New Zealand’s emissions down, and will affect every sector of the economy, including transport, energy and industry. It presents an opportunity to achieve a more productive, sustainable and inclusive economy that benefits all New Zealanders.

Staying ahead of the curve by decarbonising is an increasingly smart business decision and will help New Zealand meet its critical climate targets.

Industry programmes

For businesses using fossil fuels to power their industrial processes, EECA offers a suite of programmes to support the transition to efficient, low-emissions alternatives.

Transport programmes

With transport decarbonisation playing a key role in New Zealand's progress towards our 2050 goals, the Government is extending its investment into reducing transport emissions. New Zealand’s Emissions reduction Plan (ERP) has strong targets for transport – reducing emissions from vehicles and total vehicle kilometres travelled.

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Gen Less for business

EECA’s Gen Less platform brings together the foundations of low-emissions business, and the tools you need to move your business along the journey, whether you don’t know where to start, or you’re further down the road.