Vehicle fuel economy labels

Fuel economy labels allow buyers to compare the fuel economy of one vehicle against another. If you’re a registered motor vehicle trader, you are required by law to print labels to display on vehicles for sale and provide fuel economy information on websites offering vehicles for sale.

What’s on the label

  • Vehicle make and model.
  • Star rating - up to 6 stars for the most fuel efficient vehicles. The star rating will help you to compare one vehicle against another and to choose a vehicle that is more fuel efficient.
  • Estimated running costs per year – this estimate is based on stated average fuel price and driving 14,000 km. For diesel vehicles this cost also includes Road User Charges.
  • Fuel economy in litres per 100 km – provided by the vehicle manufacturer who obtains the data from international rolling road cycle testing based on the performance of a new model.
  • Reference number - confirms the label refers to the vehicle it’s displayed on.
  • Average fuel price - used to calculate the cost per year for comparison purposes only.

Which vehicles have labels

It’s a legal requirement to display the label on all light vehicles under 3.5 tonnes being sold by a registered motor vehicle trader, provided the information is available, except for electric vehicles and motorbikes.

If you’re selling a vehicle online (whether you’re a private seller or a trader), it’s your responsibility to make sure the fuel economy (litres per 100 km), running cost per year and star rating is provided - in text format.

If you’re a new vehicle distributor, you can also use the voluntary fuel economy badge for new cars being advertised in print, online and on television. The fuel economy badge displays the fuel economy (litres per 100 km) and star rating information. It’s not a replacement for the fuel economy information that you legally need to display on trading websites and vehicles under the Energy Efficiency (Vehicle Fuel Economy Labelling) Regulation 2007, but is an easy way to promote the efficiency of your vehicles in advertisements.

Print a label

Simply enter a vehicle’s details into the EECA Fuel economy label generator to generate fuel economy information and a label. You can use the generator to print labels for multiple cars.

Fuel economy label generator

Displaying a label

Put the label on the vehicle you’re selling somewhere it can be read easily from a reasonable distance. Attach the label in the same way that you display a vehicle’s Consumer Information Notice (CIN). You can put the label in a vehicle’s window, on its dashboard or on an information stand next to the vehicle.

 Further information for buyers and sellers.

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