Commercial Building Lighting Standards NZS 4243 revision


EECA commissioned a revision to Commercial Building Lighting Standard NZS4243: Part 2:2007. This Standard is cited in the NZ Building Code and is a companion document to NZS 4243: Part 1: 2007 Energy efficiency – Large buildings.

The revision to this Standard was published on 13 April 2018.

Energy efficiency - Large buildings - Part 2: Lighting - Amendment 1:2018 - Standards NZ website

Need for a revision of NZS 4243

NZS 4243 was initially developed to provide electrical/lighting specifiers and designers with a regulatory framework to meet minimum lighting and efficiency levels in commercial buildings. It also provides building owners, tenants and maintenance staff with guidance on the level of artificial light needed in different parts of a commercial building to optimise comfort, safety and usability.

Since NZS 4243 was last revised in 2007, there have been major advancements in the lighting technology used in commercial building, including Solid State Lighting (SSL) LEDs, luminaires, and lighting control systems. The Standard is now significantly out of date and does not reflect available technology or accepted industry best practice.

Who was involved?

A technical committee was formed to provide recommendations on the revision of NZS 4243. It consisted of representatives from the following organisations:

  • NZ Lighting Council (chair)
  • Property Council of NZ (representing commercial building owners)
  • CoreNet Global (representing commercial building tenants)
  • Energy Management Association of NZ (EMANZ)
  • Illuminating Engineering Society of NZ (IEANZ)
  • Massey University
  • Universities NZ
  • Building Research Association of NZ
  • MBIE – Building Systems Performance
  • EECA

The recommendations

Recommendations include changes and improvements to:

  1. Accommodate SSL LED technology
  2. Revise and improve lighting power density limits
  3. Update terms and definitions
  4. Simplify application of revised limits

Input and feedback

Public consultation ran for a period of 10 weeks, considering the Christmas break, 30 November 2017 – 14 February 2018.

For more information on the revision visit Standards New Zealand.

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