Climate change

Research papers and resources covering climate change topics. Documents are ordered by publication date, with the most recent listed first.

EECA's submission on Productivity Commission's report

June 2018

EECA broadly supports the New Zealand Productivity Commission’s Low-emissions economy draft report and has outlined its thoughts and insights in this submission.

Ministry for the Environment - Climate Change

June 2018

Zero Carbon Bill

The Ministry for the Environment has started consultation to get feedback on the shape and form of the Zero Carbon Bill, due for introduction later this year. You can find out more by following the link below.

Zero Carbon Bill information - Ministry for the Environment (MfE) website

Climate Change work

MfE has a programme of work on climate change, its impacts, adaptation measures and progress on interventions to meet New Zealand’s emissions reduction targets. You can find out more on the climate change section of the MfE website.

Climate change - Ministry for the Environment (MfE) website

New Zealand’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory - MfE website

Our atmosphere and climate 2017 - MfE website

New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme - MfE website

Transition to a low-carbon economy for New Zealand

April 2016

This report, produced by the Royal Society of New Zealand, takes an in-depth look into climate change mitigation options for New Zealand. It finds that many mitigation options are already well-understood and achievable. Achieving a low-carbon economy for New Zealand involves taking low-risk climate mitigation actions now and planning for more ambitious greenhouse gas emissions in the future.

Transition to a low-carbon economy for New Zealand - Royal Society of New Zealand website