Encouraging smart EV charger uptake

With the number of electric vehicles in New Zealand growing rapidly, we need to ensure we can meet the increasing demand for electricity.  This increase can be accommodated within New Zealand's current electricity infrastructure system, providing that the majority of EVs are charged during off-peak periods. 

The widespread adoption of smart and energy-efficient EV chargers will help manage the demand on the electricity grid now and in the future, during times of intermittent supply of renewable electricity and higher peak demand periods. This is because smart EV chargers can engage with the electricity system and respond to market and pricing signals by changing when and how they use electricity.

EECA has been working alongside industry in this area for some time, with the aim of harnessing the potential of the new, internationally proven technology for the benefit of both industry and New Zealanders.

Greater uptake of smart EV chargers is a win-win for industry and consumers –it will defer expensive network upgrades, helping to keep energy bills lower for New Zealanders, and assist with meeting our international emissions reduction commitments.

Approved list

EECA is developing an approved list of smart EV chargers for residential and commercial use. To be included on the approved list, chargers need to be efficient and capable of two-way communication (smart), based on our technical specification.

The approved list will help consumers and commercial fleet owners to identify and purchase efficient and smart chargers easily. Commercial EV chargers that are included in the approved list will have the added benefit of being eligible to be used for EECA co-funded projects for EV charging infrastructure, providing they meet other funding criteria.    

This follows our green paper consultation in August 2022, and strong industry support for EECA to develop clear information for the New Zealand market to support the uptake of smart EV chargers.

Technical Specification

EECA has considered feedback from industry and EV charger suppliers to develop a specification that sets out assessment and eligibility criteria for EV chargers to be included in an EECA approved list.

All electric vehicle supply equipment (including EV chargers) is eligible for registration on the approved list, provided they meet the performance criteria outlined in the technical specification, and required information is provided.

View the technical specification

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