You must comply for public promotions

If you display a vehicle to promote sales to the public, you have to comply with fuel economy labelling requirements. An example would be a new vehicle on display at an airport or shopping centre.

The rules apply no matter where the promotion takes place, and for all vehicles on display. However, you don’t need to display the label if the vehicle is promoted or offered for sale only to other motor vehicle traders.

Failure to comply with the Regulations can result in a penalty of up to $5,000 per offence (vehicle). 

Energy Efficiency (Vehicle Fuel Economy Labelling) Regulations 2007(external link)

How to comply

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    Find out if the vehicle fuel economy information is available. You can use EECA’s Fuel Economy Label Generator by entering the VIN, registration plate, chassis number or model code.

    Fuel Economy Label generator(external link)

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    If the vehicle fuel economy information is available, you must print a label in colour or greyscale to display on the vehicle.

    If it isn't available for the vehicle you're promoting, you've met your legal obligations. If you print and display the "Not Available" label from the Fuel Economy Label Generator, it shows people and EECA's compliance team you've made a genuine effort to obtain a label.

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    If the information is available you must display the label on the vehicle you’re promoting so it’s clear and prominent, and obviously relates to the vehicle for sale. It must be easy to read from a reasonable distance, and either firmly attached to the vehicle and clearly visible from the outside, or displayed on an information stand next to the vehicle.

Vehicle fuel economy badge

You can use the voluntary fuel economy badge for new cars being advertised in print, online and on television. The badge displays the fuel economy (litres per 100 km) and star rating information. It’s not a replacement for the fuel economy information that you legally need to display on trading websites and vehicles but it’s an easy way to promote the efficiency of your vehicles in advertisements.


Do you need to register?

If you run a business in New Zealand trading motor vehicles you probably need to be registered as a motor vehicle trader.

Find out more(external link)


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