Energy's role in greenhouse gas emissions

Energy use makes up 40 percent of New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Making changes in this area is the easiest and cheapest way for our country to achieve its ambitious emissions reduction goal.

Source: Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2017, MfE (2019); Light vehicles and Other transport estimates are based on data from the MBIE 2017 energy balances and MBIE Energy in New Zealand (2018)

Of the energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, around half are from transport, making this a key sector where innovation and behaviour change needs to occur.  

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EECA’s role

EECA’s role is to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy.

In line with Government priorities and the New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy, EECA is focused on programmes that reduce New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions in business, transport and the residential sector.

These programmes include promoting electric vehicles, supporting innovation and efficiency in process heat in industry, and improving the efficiency of electricity.

Gen Less is EECA’s platform to inspire businesses and consumers to act on climate change.

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