Our programmes

We run a number of programmes to support and promote energy efficiency, energy conservation and the use of renewable energy sources. This work is delivered through partnerships with the private sector, community groups, industry associations as well as central and local government.

Residential programmes

Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes

This programme delivers free ceiling and underfloor insulation to low-income rental households.

Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes - ENERGYWISE website

Product standards and labelling

We regulate energy efficiency standards and labelling for products and appliances such as fridges, washing machines, dryers and computer equipment. This means that the worst-performing products are kept out of the New Zealand market, and that you can compare products by looking at the energy labels.

Energy labels - ENERGYWISE website

Energy Spot

The Energy Spot is a television segment that brings the energy efficiency message to New Zealanders. It’s been on air since 2009 and has been viewed by around 2.4 million people, with a massive 41% saying they’ve taken action to reduce energy use as a result.

The Energy Spot - ENERGYWISE website

Business programmes

Investing in energy efficiency will deliver returns for your business. Our funding and loans can help you identify opportunities and build a business case for investment.

For many of our programmes, we work through Programme Partners - businesses with the specialist, technical expertise to help you identify and implement cost-effective projects. They can also access any funding you may be eligible for.

EECA BUSINESS funding and support - EECA BUSINESS website

Transport programmes

Vehicle fuel economy labels

We administer the vehicle fuel economy label, which helps people make informed decisions about the vehicles they buy.

 Vehicle fuel economy labels

Fuel efficient tyre programme

The Fuel Efficient Tyre programme, which launched in October 2014, is an information campaign to increase consumer awareness and uptake of fuel efficient tyres.

Fuel efficient tyre programme - ENERGYWISE website

Electric vehicles programme

The Government’s Electric Vehicles programme was launched in May 2016. It has a target of doubling the number of electric vehicles on New Zealand roads every year until they make up 2% of our fleet (64,000 cars by 2021).

 Electric vehicles programme