NZME Business Service Excellence Award

The NZME Business Service Excellence Award recognises service providers that have a successful track record implementing projects and for providing quality service and advice.


Winner – Energy Solution Providers, ESP

Their clients are their best sales-people, extolling the virtues of ESP’s energy monitoring and management programme.

Photo of staff from ESP.
Energy Solution Providers

ESP has a rigorous and staggered triple-checking process that is imposed on meters capturing energy data to ensure readings are accurate and consistent. Rather than being swamped with the resulting information, clients are on a need-to-know basis, and they only ever interact with the refined facts and figures.  To help with this, ESP consolidates gas, water and electricity consumption into a single, innovative online dashboard tool that enables detailed analysis. Results are presented alongside meaningful energy reduction solutions including cooling projects, LED lighting upgrades and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning improvements.

ESP developed their energy management programme over the past 15 years and to date it has achieved cumulative savings of more than $18.5 million. They are continually refining their software and reporting methods to keep communication standards high: simple, easy-to-understand data presented in an engaging and motivating way. ESP applies the same high standards to their work ethic, and when their services run over time or budget, they absorb the cost themselves – a low-impact scenario considering the few instances that this has occurred. 

Judges said:

ESP recognises the need for good-quality data in energy efficiency linked with clear analysis for direct use by their clients. They are a stand-out, innovative company and their success is demonstrated by their longterm relationships with their clients.

Highly Commended - TM Consultants

Looking behind the scenes, TM Consultants are reducing the hidden costs of wasted energy in the workplace.

Photo of staff from TM Consultants
TM Consultants

TM Consultants are working across retail, commercial and hospitality sectors to streamline the technology used to heat, cool and provide power to buildings, or plant. They are matching appropriately-sized equipment for each purpose, and in doing so, removing any unnecessary maintenance and over-expenditure on wasted energy.

The growing team of highly-skilled staff and partners are all working to the same project brief, which has sustainability and energy efficiency at its heart. After TM Consultants made such enormous headway with their first phase of energy-efficient modelling, EECA stepped in to help reduce possible financial barriers for further uptake. The result has seen business skyrocket with 93 projects, covering 309,000m2, saving 21.29 gigawatt-hours of energy and $3 million to those businesses.  

Their determination and commitment to projects has at times seen TM Consultants acting as mediator and facilitator to keep jobs on track – a role that they took on without obligation and at their own expense.

Judges said:

A proactive and confident company that has shown rapid growth due to demand in TM Consultants’
expert sustainability services.

Commended - DETA Consulting

Gaining global support for local energy efficiency.

Photo of staff from DETA Consulting.
DETA Consulting

One of the challenges of implementing energy management improvements can be getting buy-in from top management.  In order for DETA Consulting to undertake energy audits for their New Zealand client – a large energy user – they needed to obtain the support of their client’s offshore HQ. Jonathan Pooch, Managing Director of DETA Consulting, was determined to get the go-ahead and they successfully negotiated energy efficiency on both sides of the Atlantic.

DETA Consulting works with large industrial and commercial companies and actively targets New Zealand’s largest energy consumers. Their current customer base consumes nearly 5% of the total energy used by all businesses in New Zealand, so there is much to gain in the energy efficiency stakes.

Their energy management programmes rely heavily on education and influence. Clients are encouraged to take ownership of energy efficiency projects and show governance, particularly at the top level. The aim is to empower and motivate companies to be energy efficient long after the partnership has come to an end.

DETA worked hard to secure a global fund for energy projects from their international client, $1 million of which was spent auditing energy use and applying energy efficiency actions in the New Zealand branch. DETA’s results are evident in the dollars and carbon that are saved – one client’s group-wide energy management programme has so far avoided 16,300 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions – but also in lasting energy-efficiency empowerment within the organisations they work with.

Judges said:

Impressive leadership and determination to influence off-shore stakeholders. A rising star, showing great promise for high-impact and widespread energy efficiency achievements.

Commended - Emsol

A friendly face in energy efficiency that keeps customers coming back for more advice.

Photo of staff from Emsol

Erin Roughton, Managing Director at Emsol, keeps in regular contact with their customers and encourages the adoption of ongoing energy-management plans that can be adjusted to take advantage of new opportunities for savings.

When Emsol organised a series of energy audits to demonstrate potential new energy and cost savings to current customers, three of Emsol’s highest energy-users were inspired to take their savings to the next level.  The initial plan then expanded from a selected number of sites to group-wide energy management plans in some cases. The net result of these partners’ coming back to Emsol requesting implementation of new, long-term energy efficient ideas is a collective saving of 26.5 gigawatt-hours more per year than in 2013, and 129.3 gigawatt-hours more savings per year than in 2010.

As a small company, Emsol is punching above its weight in energy efficiency and the consistent and reliable service that delivers quantifiable results has led to its success and renown. The team is also keen to share their 14-years of energy efficiency experience in the form of training workshops for businesses, service providers and the next generation of energy management specialists within New Zealand Universities.

Judges said:

A great track record in customer satisfaction and an impressive number of energy management projects under its belt. A disciplined company that gives a lot back to the energy efficiency community.


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