Consultations and proposals

We have the following consultations and tenders. We post our tenders on the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS).

Current consultations, tenders and RFPs

Submissions on EECAs 2020-21 energy levies poroposal

EECA received ten submissions on its 2020/21 energy levies funding proposal and related work programme. A summary and each full submission can be found here:

Submissions on EECAs 2020-21 energy levies poroposal [PDF 2.3MB]

Check Testing Programme - Supplier Panel of Accredited Laboratories

EECA’s Product Check Testing Programme tests whether manufacturers are meeting their obligations with the Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) 2002 Regulations. The purpose is to ensure that poor performing and/or sub-standard products are detected and removed from the market—and only products that comply with the regulations are available to consumers.

Apply to be on our Supplier Panel of Accredited Laboratories

We are looking to establish a ready-to-go panel of accredited laboratories for our 2020-2024 Check Testing Programme (19 product classes). This is a unique opportunity to work with us to help decrease energy related costs in New Zealand homes and businesses.

To apply, download the Request for Proposals below, complete the Response Form and email to Given the open panel approach, proposals can be submitted at any time before the closing date of 12pm Wednesday, 20 September 2023.

The first evaluation will take place on 3 April 2020 signalling our intention to get the panel established for those ready and able to start testing from 1 July 2020. If you are interested in work scheduled for 2020-2021, please submit your proposal by 31 March 2020.

Application documents

Click here to apply via GETS (NZ only)