Consultations and proposals

We have the following consultations and tenders. We post our tenders on the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS).

Current consultations, tenders and RFPs

2019/20 Energy Levies

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) has consulted* on its proposed energy levy-funded activities for the 2019/20 year, as follows:

  • Petroleum or Engine Fuel Monitoring (PEFM) levy: $7.5 million (54%)
  • Electricity industry levy: $5.2 million (38%)
  • Gas Safety, Monitoring and Energy Efficiency (GSMEE) levy: $1.1 million (8%)

Please find the submissions that EECA received on its 2019/20 energy levy consultation proposal below.

EECA 2019-20 Energy Levies Submissions

EECA has considered the submissions and the Minister of Energy and Resources will make a decision on EECA’s final 2019/20 energy levies appropriation. This will be announced as part of Budget 2019.

The levy consultation document is available here:

* Consultation was open from 13 November to 14 December 2018.

Hot water systems policy framework and roadmap 2018

We have released a policy framework and five year roadmap for consultation to improve the energy efficiency of all hot water system technologies, and we are holding public consultation meetings in November.

We welcome any feedback, comments or suggestions. Written submissions are due by 5pm, Thursday 31 January 2019 to

Public consultation meetings

We are holding two public consultation meetings in Australia and one in New Zealand. Representatives from the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy and EECA will be present at the NZ meeting.

If you would like to attend one of the meetings below, please RSVP to by 5pm, 20 November 18 - please include any dietary requirements.

City Venue Date Time
Auckland Karstens Tuesday 27 November 18 10am - 12pm
Melbourne Park Royal Melbourne Airport Wednesday 28 November 18 10am - 12pm
Sydney Pullman Sydney Airport Thursday 29 November 18 10am - 12pm