A new label with real-life consumption

The new Energy Rating Label for fridges/freezers better reflects the real-life energy consumption. 

What you need to know


There is a new Energy Rating Label for fridges and freezers.

The updated Regulations have not come into force yet, but some importers/manufacturers are importing products with the new label.  

Fridges and freezers displaying the old label cannot be compared with products displaying the new label.

Download the poster [PDF, 196 KB]

Importers and manufacturers

As well as the labelling changes, you need to be aware of upcoming Regulation changes and compliance requirements.

Details on the new regulations

You need to comply with the updated Regulations when they come into force.

In the meantime you must either:

  • Comply with the current requirements
  • Voluntarily comply with the new requirements.

The new New Zealand regulations will have the same scope and technical specification as the Australian Determination. However, the transition requirements will be different in New Zealand. 

Read the new requirements for fridge/freezers

Key features

Current Energy Rating Label New Energy Rating Label
  • Up to 10 stars.
  • Up to 10 stars.
  • Larger stars.
  • Tested at an ambient temperature of 32°C for energy consumption.
  • Tested at an ambient temperature of 32°C and 16°C, and test results used to generate energy consumption at 22°C.
  • Displays the total volume of the appliance.
  • Incorporates load process testing to simulate door openings and placing warm food in the fridge/freezer.
  • Black bar on the bottom of the label