Transport changes can drive down emissions

Nearly all New Zealand’s transport is powered by oil, creating 21% of our total emissions. Less than 1% of our transport is fuelled by renewable energy, such as clean electricity.

Low-emissions transport is the single best opportunity to cut our energy-related carbon emissions.

Transport is responsible for about 48% of our energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Ministry for the Environment, 2020

Biofuel insights: new independent report

EECA commissioned Sapere to prepare an independent report to gain an overview of the role liquid biofuels could play in decarbonising New Zealand’s transport sector.


How we use transport fuel

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of light vehicle ownership in the world, with nearly 800 light vehicles for every 1,000 people. Two-thirds of New Zealand new vehicles are SUVs or utes, which consume much more fuel than a regular car.

Transport emissions are increasing

Total transport emissions are trending upwards, from 14.4 Mt CO2-e in 2010 to 16.6 Mt CO2-e in 2018.

Source: Ministry of Transport 2018

  • Action to reduce transport emissions

    How EECA is working towards an efficient and low-emissions transport system.

  • Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund

    Innovative investment in promoting, enabling and accelerating the uptake of electric and other low-emission vehicles in New Zealand.