Product regulations and registration

You need to meet these requirements if you import, manufacture or sell products in New Zealand. Some products are under investigation or under consultation for future energy efficiency improvements.

Commercial and industrial

 Commercial refrigerators
 Computer room air conditioners
 Data centres
 Distribution transformers
 Three-phase electric motors

Heating, cooling and hot water

 Electric storage water heaters
 Gas heaters
 Gas water heaters
 Heat pumps and air conditioners
 Heat pump water heaters
 Solar water heaters

Home entertainment

 Computers and laptops
 Computer monitors
 External power supplies (power adaptors)
 Set top boxes
 Standby power    


 Ballasts for fluorescent lamps
 Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)
 Halogen lamps
 LED lamps
 Linear fluorescent lamps   


 Clothes dryers
 Domestic fridges and freezers
 Washing machines