Selling a vehicle online?

You need to show fuel economy information on your web advertising. You can choose to display the label on the vehicle you are selling but it’s not compulsory.

How to comply

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    Find out if the vehicle fuel economy information is available. On some trading websites, it pops up automatically when you enter the vehicle’s number plate. Otherwise, use EECA’s Fuel Economy Label Generator to find fuel economy information or to print a label. If the information isn’t available, you’ve met your legal obligations.

    Fuel Economy Label generator(external link)

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    Show online

    Display the fuel economy information as written text alongside the vehicle listing. Include make, model, fuel economy (litres per 100km), running cost per year and star rating.

    On some trading websites it pops up automatically when you enter the vehicle’s number plate.


You don’t have to provide Vehicle Fuel Economy Label information if you’re advertising a vehicle for sale in a magazine or newspaper.

  • Imported vehicle requirements

    Check for fuel economy information and print a New Zealand label. Vehicles produced in or imported directly from Australia can be sold with their Australian label, as long as they’re labelled as Australian imports.

  • Private seller or trader?

    If you run a business in New Zealand trading motor vehicles you probably need to be registered as a motor vehicle trader.