EECA helps you meet your obligations

Motor vehicle traders, vehicle distributors, and private sellers have a duty to comply with the Vehicle Fuel Economy Labelling Regulations. EECA facilitates this by:

  • Education and support – Presentations and newsletters to industry and consumer programmes to help understand the Act. Publication of compliance monitoring activity responses, offences, contraventions, and adverse decisions.
  • Assisted compliance – Monitoring such as labelling surveys and site visits.
  • Proactive compliance – Responding to those who opportunistically or deliberately contravene the legislation.
  • Responsive interventions – We may impose proportionate sanctions, warnings or directions.
  • Enforcement – Failure to comply can result in a fine of up to $5,000 per offence (per vehicle).

We focus on risk

“Risk” means the level of harm that would result if our regulations are breached, and the likelihood of that occurring. We use data to profile risk, evaluate need, and target action. Initiatives and interventions focus on groups with the greatest need and risk.