ENERGYWISE approved tyres partners

We’ve partnered with the tyre industry to develop an approval mark for fuel efficient tyres. Alongside the safety benefits of a good tyre, fuel efficient tyres also make a surprising difference to a vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Become a programme partner

If you want to be a programme partner, you must be committed to distributing and promoting ENERGYWISE™ approved tyres. The tyres must meet minimum criteria for fuel efficiency and safety (braking in the wet).

To find out more about becoming a fuel efficient tyres partner email:

Selling and promoting ENERGYWISE approved tyres

If you sell ENERGYWISE approved tyres, you can promote this to your customers by using the ENERGYWISE approval mark. To use the approval mark you need to request our brand guidelines (to make sure you display the approval mark correctly) and submit any promotional material to EECA for sign-off.

For more info email:

If you’re a tyre retailer, contact your tyre distributor or supplier for more information.

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