ENERGY STAR® partners

There are major benefits for your business in becoming an ENERGY STAR® partner, and joining is free.

Benefits of being an ENERGY STAR partner

  • It’s exclusive - only super energy efficient products can qualify for the mark.
  • It’s easy for consumers to understand.
  • It offers a strong point of difference between your products and less efficient products.
  • ENERGY STAR is New Zealand’s only independent, government-backed mark of energy efficiency. Having the mark validates your products’ energy efficiency claims.

Become an ENERGY STAR partner

To ask about becoming an ENERGY STAR partner email:

Criteria for product partners

To become a product partner you must:

  • have an office or distribution centre in New Zealand
  • have products that comply with New Zealand regulatory standards and electrical safety
  • have products that meet ENERGY STAR specifications
  • have products that fit into current ENERGY STAR product categories
  • commit to the programme by referencing the ENERGY STAR Partner logo on your website and in advertising where applicable.

Criteria for retail partners

To become a New Zealand ENERGY STAR retail partner you must:

  • have at least two retail outlets in New Zealand and coordinate a domestic marketing programme with reference to ENERGY STAR on your website and in advertising
  • sell at least two ENERGY STAR qualified models from one ENERGY STAR product category
  • show your commitment to energy efficiency by actively promoting ENERGY STAR to your customers and staff.


 ENERGY STAR product information and specifications