The Warm Up New Zealand insulation programme

More than 286,000 homes have been insulated under the Warm Up New Zealand programme (to the end of October 2015). This figure includes more than 45,000 retrofits under the Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme which offers free insulation to households at high risk from health conditions related to cold, damp housing.

Many homes are cold and unhealthy because they don’t have enough insulation. A warm, dry home with well-installed insulation is healthier and easier to heat.

Video - Robert Linterman explains the Warm Up New Zealand programme.

To qualify for the programme:

  • the home must be built before the year 2000 (and)
  • the home owner or main tenant has a Community Services Card (and)
  • there are children under the age of 17 years or adults over the age of 65 living in the home – or someone with high health needs.

Landlords of eligible tenants may be asked to make a contribution.

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