EECA’s position on low-emissions economy draft report


Andrew Caseley, Chief Executive, EECA

EECA’s Chief Executive Andrew Caseley says becoming a low emissions economy requires a big shift in thinking and action to make it a reality. He says the Productivity Commission’s Low-emissions economy draft report is a comprehensive assessment of what is required.

“EECA broadly supports many of the recommendations made in the report, and we’ve outlined our thoughts and insights in a submission that centres on energy-related matters that EECA is involved with.”

Mr Caseley says EECA has specifically commented on a number of key principles raised in the draft report as to how New Zealand can transition to a low-emissions economy. They include the eventual phase out of the import of fossil-fuelled vehicles - and in the meantime - the introduction of fuel efficiency and emissions standards for vehicles, and further support for actions that increase the uptake of electric vehicles.

EECA also considers that aligning lighting standards with Australia (which has phased out incandescent lightbulbs and is now phasing out halogen lamps) would have a big impact on emissions.

Mr Caseley says EECA’s responses are not government policy and would be subject to the normal policy development process.

Meanwhile Mr Caseley says EECA will "keep focussing on the largest energy users as they present the greatest opportunity for emissions reductions."

EECA’s submission on Productivity Commission’s Low-emissions economy draft report is available below.

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