EECA delighted to rank third for public sector reputation

EECA is pleased to have ranked third in Colmar Brunton’s inaugural Public Sector Reputation Index.

The Index benchmarks the organisations against four pillars: leadership and success; social responsibility; trust; and fairness.

EECA connects with New Zealanders through its ENERGYWISE programme, which provides tools and information to make better energy choices at home and on the road. This includes the Energy Spot advertisements, RightLight campaign, and online tips and tools. EECA also funds Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes, a programmes providing free insulation to certain low income households.

“EECA works hard to make New Zealand a better place to live in ways that benefit people every day, such as having a warm, dry and energy efficient home,” says Chief Executive Mike Underhill. “We’re delighted to have such a strong vote of confidence through this survey.”

Colmar Brunton Public Sector Reputation Benchmark Report


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