Eddie Christian appointed as Group Manager of Market Engagement


Eddie Christian - Group Manager, Market Engagement, EECA

EECA’s new senior leader Eddie Christian has a career that’s taken many different shapes - from working as a naval officer internationally, to executive roles in commercial banking in Singapore, the Middle East, and New Zealand.

However his new role may be the most challenging – getting involved in the battle against climate change. Eddie’s recent appointment comes after realising he wanted to be on the right side of one of the most

challenging battles of our time: “We have a responsibility to take action now, we have run out of time to lag behind on this issue. I had a growing consciousness that climate change will impact my children, and their children, manifestly. It just makes sense to do my part to ensure they won’t have to deal with the mess that previous generations have created.”

Eddie brings to the role a sense of commercial realism gained from years of working in finance and banking.

“A lot of the skills I have from the commercial sector are applicable to my role at EECA. There is still a delivery focus and a creation of value, but that value is on energy reduction and efficiency, rather than commercial revenue.”

Tackling energy conservation and efficiency is relevant now more so than ever before, in the face of the undeniable impact that humans are having on the environment, and the distressing effects that we are already seeing on the world’s climate.

“In my role I want to deliver a level of commercial pragmatism and robust governance around our carbon reduction targets. I am engaged wholeheartedly with our mandate to mobilise New Zealanders to be more clean and clever with their energy use, not just because I’ve ‘drunk the Kool-aid', but because I genuinely believe it.”

Engaging EECA’s staff in this philosophy has not been a hard sell so far: one of the first things that struck Eddie upon starting at the organisation was the skillset and passion of the employees, and he is confident in their ability to tackle challenges that working in the climate change space brings. From directly reducing the impact of energy on the environment by managing the accounts of large companies, to engaging the ‘hearts and minds’ of the public to create an awareness and cultural drive towards a cleaner and more efficient use of energy New Zealand wide, “what pervades through the organisation is this sense of purpose and commitment at an individual level – people are passionate about what they do.”

Eddie’s goals for the future of the Market Engagement team is to continue to build strong relationships and engage with business leaders to demonstrate the value that EECA can bring to their business, to take a lead position in New Zealand’s climate change efforts, retaining an unbiased and fact-based approach, and to motivate the team to be bolder and more proactive than ever before.

“The end game would be for EECA not to exist: in an ideal world New Zealand would be 100% carbon neutral and energy efficient. Until that time, we just have to keep working as hard as we can to inform and mobilise the New Zealand public to conserve energy and uptake new energy efficient technology, and help the country work towards the ambitious carbon neutral 2050 target.”

EECA is well known and respected for its work in the energy space worldwide, and Eddie is optimistic about the scope for New Zealand to become world leaders in the energy efficiency space.

“In our organisation there is a tangible way to do good in the face of climate change, not just for New Zealand, but for us to lead the way by example and be role models to a global audience.”

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