Waikato rendering plant takes industry leadership on energy efficiency

Waikato tannery and rendering company, Wallace Corporation Ltd, has heightened its focus on sustainability with a three-year partnership with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

The partnership extends the Waitoa company’s commitment to improve the way it uses energy by identifying and maximising energy efficiency opportunities across the business.  It targets energy savings of 6 gigawatt-hours each year by the end of March 2018.  This annual saving is five times the amount of energy used by all the households in Waitoa.

The partnership sets an energy management plan for Wallace Corporation based on best practice.  It includes identifying and ranking savings opportunities and installing energy monitoring and targeting equipment to help manage energy use.  The agreement also makes provision for feasibility studies to examine biogas capture and use.

Wallace Corporation Chief Executive, Graham Shortland, says the partnership is an important part of the company’s strategy to improve energy management across its business.

“By working in collaboration with EECA BUSINESS, we will provide industry leadership on better energy management practices, reducing total energy costs.  This partnership aligns with our strategic aims around continually improving our sustainability credentials.”

The Waitoa service rendering plant processes around 12% of the North Island’s raw material for rendering.  Wallace Corporation already has a strong commitment to sustainability with a dedicated Environment Division focused on adopting processes and technologies in areas such as bioenergy and waste reduction.  The company also prides itself as a good employer, supporting workers with low literacy levels and limited skillsets by providing them with training and development opportunities.

EECA BUSINESS Account Manager, Dane Fredriksson, says the Authority’s partnership with Wallace Corporation builds on the opportunities for biogas production that the company has already undertaken.

“There is a large potential here for switching to renewable energy through the production of biogas from waste products.  Wallace Corporation has taken this opportunity to provide industry leadership in a technology that has replication possibilities throughout the industry,” Mr Fredriksson says.



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