Updated tool to find out how New Zealanders use energy

An updated picture of how New Zealanders use energy is now available, showing where and how energy is used and a snapshot of how energy use is changing.

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), has updated the Energy End Use Database, which provides users with breakdowns of energy use across the country.

EECA's Evaluation & Technical Manager Brian Fitzgerald says the updated database will provide both Government and the private sector with energy data to support development of New Zealand's response to energy security, climate change and business productivity.

Mr Fitzgerald says database users will be able to find the answers to detailed questions covering energy use by sectors, technologies, in buildings and in transport.

"For example councils can interrogate this database to help develop their district energy plans or consultants can assess energy use by fuel type and industry sector to help inform analysis and scenario modelling."

Mr Fitzgerald says the Energy End Use Database will be relevant to researchers, Government, local authorities and the private sector. EECA also uses the database to help develop and refine its own energy efficiency programmes.

"There are many factors affecting energy use, including population growth, oil prices, energy systems and infrastructure and it's important for users to have access to the best available information sources."

The Energy End Use Database draws information from a number of sources including MBIE's Energy in NZ and Statistics NZ's NZ Energy Use Survey.

Access the Energy End Use Database on the EECA website.