New EECA strategy captures carbon

Helping New Zealanders to lower the emissions from their energy use is a key focus of EECA’s new strategic direction.

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority’s 2018–22 Statement of Intent outlines its ambitious purpose to “Mobilise New Zealanders to be world leaders in clean and clever energy use”.

40 percent of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions come from energy use in transport, factories, heating and electricity supply.

EECA’s Chief Executive Andrew Caseley says while New Zealand is lucky enough to have 85 percent renewable electricity, “the bigger picture is that we’re still heavily reliant on fossil fuels to meet a lot of our energy needs.”

Nearly 70 percent of New Zealand’s energy consumption comes from non-renewable energy*.

EECA’s increasing focus is on the use of renewable energy, and energy efficiency to lower carbon emissions across the energy sector.  EECA’s analysis suggests that efficient lighting, electric vehicles, industrial heat pumps and other new tech are some of the best opportunities for New Zealand to reduce its emissions.

Mr Caseley says New Zealand is well placed to develop a low emissions economy as part of a resilient response to climate change, but “a lot of work is required to make that a reality.”

“There’s no question that action is needed to meet the challenges posed by climate change – that’s happening worldwide – so the fundamental opportunity for New Zealand now is to find the right solutions for different parts of our economy.”

Mr Caseley says EECA’s new strategy builds upon its record of high quality analysis and market experience. He says a key aim is to identify solutions and connect people to them and to get the most ‘bang for its buck’.

“We’re deliberately focusing on where we’ll get the most impact whether it’s the big industrial emitters, or influencing the everyday decisions people make about the vehicles they buy or how they can make a difference through energy efficiency in their homes.”

“We’ve got be strategic about where we put our resources and how we can best motivate people, businesses and the government sector to make a real difference in reducing emissions.”

EECA’s new strategy is included in its Statement of Intent (2018–2022) and 2018/19 Statement of Performance Expectations.

*Energy in New Zealand, 2016, MBIE (2017)

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