Government partnership kickstarts Wynyard Quarter’s push to be exemplar of sustainable city building

A quest to make Wynyard Quarter an international exemplar for sustainable development has had a major boost today with the launch of an online tracking platform and a new Government partnership.

The Wynyard Quarter Smart website captures and analyses multiple sets of data tied to ambitious sustainability targets for the area on building performance, climate change mitigation, resource efficiency, environmental quality, and transport.

Created by web consultancy Method, the online platform is believed to be the first of its kind in the country and is the first tangible output of an approach that will see Wynyard Quarter become a smart precinct that communicates everything from energy use to air quality to the public.

EECA Business is partnering with Waterfront Auckland on the Wynyard Quarter Smart project by assisting in the areas of energy management strategy, monitoring and targeting, innovation and leadership, project implementation and design review.

Waterfront Auckland Chief Executive John Dalzell says the approach is unprecedented in this country in terms of scale and scope when it comes to engaging asset owners, public and stakeholders to adopt sustainable practices at a precinct wide level.

“We’ve got a great opportunity with the urban renewal of this part of the Auckland waterfront to do things differently and it’s great to have the backing of EECA Business, as their resources and expertise will make the vision for the project a reality.”

“The website is a great first output and being online, it is a logical initial channel to make the invisible visible, in a manner that is easily digestible by everyone. By raising awareness about the extent to which a neighbourhood as a whole puts pressure on resources and the environment, we increase our ability to influence behaviours by building owners, tenants and even visitors to the area.”

EECA Chief Executive Mike Underhill says it’s great to be involved at such an early stage of a project and be able to take a proactive strategy to energy efficiency in the development of new buildings and infrastructure.

“We're pleased to work with Waterfront Auckland to embed energy efficiency standards across the Wynyard Quarter and support the development of innovative and high performing buildings.”

“There are significant opportunities to improve the energy performance of commercial and residential buildings during the design and construction phases. We know that discerning building owners and tenants seek out premises that perform efficiently because this means lower operational costs, a more pleasant working environment, and gives them a market edge that attracts staff and clients.”

The first sets of data in the Wynyard Smart website come from live pedestrian data in public spaces and hardware and sensors in the recently refurbished character Lysaght building that will soon be tenanted and become a cornerstone for the Grid – innovation precinct for Wynyard Quarter.

The information will be later supported by data as buildings and assets get constructed, and will eventually include data relating to spaces between the building such as air and water quality.

In the meantime the built environment and public spaces in Wynyard Quarter will be used as an additional backdrop and channel to convey data using signage and advanced AV technology.

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