Five energywise hacks for spring

Spring – longer days, daylight saving and flowers in the garden. Take advantage of those warmer days to make your home drier, healthier and cleaner – and save money on your energy bill. Christian Hoerning from EECA ENERGYWISE has the top five wise hacks to help make life better in the spring.

Dry your clothes outside on the line

Enjoy the fresh smell of clothes dried on the clothes line. Drying your clothes inside makes your home damp and mouldy. Using a clothes dryer costs about $1.00 a load.

Air your home

Houses can get very damp over the winter, leading to mould. Air your home at least once a day by opening doors and windows for about half an hour a day. Leave windows open on a safety latch if possible. Don’t forget to open wardrobe and cupboard doors.

Give your bedding a burst of sun

Duvets, pillows and other heavy bedding absorb moisture – use the sun to dry and air bedding outside for fresh bedding.

De-clog your heat pump filters

Your heat pump won’t run efficiently if the filters aren’t cleaned every fortnight. If you haven’t done this job over the winter you will probably find the filters are clogged with dust and debris. 

Clean gutters

Gutters can fill up with leaves during the winter storms, potentially making your house damp and contributing to mould.


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