Energy efficiency proves its role in low-emissions economy – Annual Report 2015/16

Improved energy efficiency is helping New Zealand cut thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions, as well as saving millions of dollars a year.

Links between energy efficiency and carbon mitigation are demonstrated by several programmes run by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). Recent results were published today in EECA’s 2015/16 Annual Report.

“Energy efficiency and renewable energy are an important part of our climate change solution,” says EECA Chief Executive Mike Underhill. “EECA’s work continues to support New Zealand’s journey to a low emissions economy by delivering programmes that cost-effectively save energy and reduce emissions.”

Highlights in the report include:

  • EECA continued to make homes warmer, drier and healthier through its insulation programme, Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes. During the last financial year 13,100 households were insulated, exceeding a target of 12,000. Our focus was low-income households with high health needs, especially those with children or elderly people. Since the programme began seven years ago, almost 300,000 homes have been insulated directly with the assistance of EECA funding.
  • EECA’s Business programme saved 0.6 PJ of energy – enough to fuel more than 300,000 cars driving from Auckland to Wellington – and 37,000 tonnes of carbon. The programme now covers 40% of total business energy use. 
  • EECA’s energy efficiency labelling and regulation programmes have influenced the sales of 54 million products, including heat pumps, televisions, computers, whiteware and light bulbs. Cumulatively, this created $560m in savings to the country and saved 879,000 tonnes of carbon since the programme began in 2002.
  • In the transport sector, EECA designed and commenced a contestable fund to encourage and support innovative low emission vehicle projects as part of the Government’s package to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) by New Zealanders.

 “We’ve made great progress in every delivery area and identified promising opportunities for continued energy efficiency and carbon reduction,” says EECA Chief Executive Mike Underhill. “The links between energy, climate change and economic growth are better understood and more compelling than ever. With a track record of making change happen, EECA is looking forward to supporting New Zealand’s journey to a low emissions economy.”

 EECA Annual Report 2015/16

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