Energy efficiency goals part of eco-friendly philosophy at Huhtamaki

Moulded fibre manufacturer, Huhtamaki, has announced a commitment to improve the way it uses energy, as part of a three-year partnership with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

The company has decided to investigate and introduce energy efficiency measures in its Otahuhu moulded fibre plant. Its partnership with EECA, signed in Auckland this week, aims to cut overall energy use by 5% each year with annual carbon reductions of 417 tonnes. This will result in annual energy cost savings of $100,000. The energy savings are equivalent to the energy use of 240 households, and the drop in carbon emissions equivalent to taking 152 cars off the road.

While Huhtamaki might not be a household name, most people will be familiar with the company’s products. Buy a take-away coffee or a carton of eggs, and chances are the packaging will have been manufactured by Huhtamaki. The company also offers fruit trays, wine carriers and protective buffers for consumer electronics and other products. Packaging is made from recycled materials.

Business Manager, Nicola Jackson, says sustainability and the use of renewable resources have always been guiding principles for the company.

“Huhtamaki has a commitment to eco-friendly production, so this move to save on our energy usage and reduce our carbon emissions is a continuation of this philosophy. We are grateful for the support and expertise provided by EECA which will allow us to lock-in long term savings for the benefit of the company, and for the environment as a whole.”

The agreement with EECA will involve monitoring energy use at the plant, and audits to identify actions to save energy. EECA programme partner and utilities consultants, Total Utilities Management Group, which has been providing energy procurement and analytics to Huhtamaki since 2005, has commenced work to identify measures that will result in further energy and water savings. From this a long term energy management plan will be developed.

“We are pleased to partner with Huhtamaki,” says EECA BUSINESS™ General Manager, Greg Visser. “Huhtamaki is an international company that takes guidance on best practice from Europe. We are excited to see Huhtamaki New Zealand’s Process Engineer, Catherine Chimney, driving this initiative to identify site-specific energy-saving opportunities. Our experience and research shows that energy management projects are most successful when they have the backing of senior management and staff engagement.”

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