EECA seeks feedback on 2019/20 energy levies

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) is seeking feedback on its proposed energy levy-funded activities for the 2019/20 year.

EECA receives part of its funding from levies collected from the road transport fuel, electricity and gas sectors.

EECA’s Chief Executive Andrew Caseley says the levy funding will help EECA continue its work to improve the energy productivity, and reduce the carbon intensity, of New Zealand’s economy.

Mr Caseley says EECA’s core activities in promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy are key to reducing energy costs for consumers, as well as energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.

‘Forty percent of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions come from our use of energy; the way we drive, how we make products, power our appliances and keep our homes warm.’

‘We’ve got big opportunities, particularly in the transport and business sectors, to use less energy and utilise cleaner energy sources.’

‘EECA estimates households and business could use 20% less energy by 2030 saving $2.3 billion, by making better choices in the way we use energy and by switching to more efficient, cleaner technologies.’

EECA is proposing to deliver programmes including technology demonstrations, the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund, the electric vehicle information campaign, work with large energy users to help reduce and decarbonise their energy use, and the ongoing products programme that lifts the energy performance of appliances.

For the 2019/20 year EECA is consulting on a total of $13.8 million from the following levies:

  • Petroleum or Engine Fuel Monitoring (PEFM) levy: $7.5 million (54%)
  • Electricity industry levy: $5.2 million (38%)
  • Gas Safety, Monitoring and Energy Efficiency (GSMEE) levy: $1.1 million (8%)

*The 2019/20 levies were set at $14 million.

The levy consultation document and more information on the levy funding programme are available via the links below;

 Consultations and proposals

Consultation on the 2019/20 levy programme is open from 13 November to 14 December 2018. People who want to make a submission on the proposal can email us at, write to us at EECA, 44 The Terrace, Wellington.

Media enquiries:

Liz Banas, Press Secretary - Hon Dr Megan Woods, Department of Internal Affairs

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