EECA consulting on use of levy for electricity efficiency

Consultation is now open on the use of the electricity levy - including an appropriation for electricity efficiency improvements.

Investing in electricity efficiency helps our economy and our businesses achieve greater productivity, and consumers to reduce their electricity bills.

EECA's electricity efficiency programmes, which are funded directly from the levy, deliver clear benefits and cost significantly less than new generation.

A proposed levy appropriation of $15.5 m for 2012/13 will enable EECA to continue successful electricity efficiency programmes already underway.

These include efficient lighting, commercial and industrial sector programmes.

This year, EECA also proposes to apply the levy to the very successful products programme.

It is the second time EECA has consulted on the electricity efficiency component of the levy, after taking over the electricity efficiency functions of the former Electricity Commission.

The electricity efficiency proposals are part of a joint consultation paper on the 2012/13 annual appropriations released by the Electricity Authority and EECA.

The paper covers all Electricity Authority appropriations and those EECA and Ministry of Consumer Affairs activities that are funded by the levy on industry participants.

Submissions on the electricity efficiency component of the levy should be directed to EECA. Email

The appropriation consultation period commences on 29th November and submissions are due by Monday 9th January 2012.