EECA consulting on use of levy for electricity efficiency

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) has begun consulting on its proposed use of the electricity levy to make electricity use more efficient in the residential and business sectors in the 2016/17 financial year.

EECA estimates that of the estimated $7.4 billion that consumers spend on electricity each year, more than $600 million a year could readily be saved with electricity efficiency measures.

“EECA’s work in electricity efficiency creates benefits worth much more than the cost of the levy. These benefits are enjoyed by electricity consumers and the public overall, as well as individuals and businesses saving on their energy bills,” EECA’s Chief Executive Mike Underhill said.

“Security of supply, affordability and making the best use of renewable resources are fundamental to New Zealand’s electricity system. By promoting and achieving electricity efficiency, we can obtain greater service from our resources, and make better use of our electricity system over the long term.”

EECA's levy-funded programmes are designed so that they generate savings that cost significantly less than the level of investment required for new generation.

A proposed levy appropriation of $13 million for 2016/17 is the same amount as this year, and recent years.

“The levy will fund or part-fund a number of our established and on-going programmes in the business and residential sectors, such as standards and labelling for products and appliances, tailored advice and support for New Zealand’s biggest energy users, the NABERSNZ commercial building rating programme, and consumer information on energy efficiency.

“Looking to the future, EECA plans to investigate the potential of new technologies such as electric vehicles and smart appliances for improving energy management at home and in business.”

The electricity efficiency proposals are part of a joint consultation paper on the 2016/17 annual appropriations released by the Electricity Authority and EECA.

The paper covers all Electricity Authority appropriations and those EECA and Ministry of Consumer Affairs activities that are funded by the levy on industry participants.

A report on EECA's work funded by the electricity levy in 2014/15 is also available as part of the consultation document.

This year, EECA is offering submitters the option of making their submission via a quick online survey.

“We hope that by offering this option we will encourage more people to make their views known, on how EECA uses the electricity levy,” Mr Underhill said.

The appropriation consultation period commences on 13 October 2015 and submissions close at 5pm on 24 November 2015.

Submissions on the electricity efficiency component of the levy should be directed to EECA. Email

The consultation document, along with access to the online survey, is on the Electricity Authority website or can be accessed via the EECA website.

Consultation paper - Electricity Authority website

Online survey on the electricity efficiency component of the levy


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