EECA consulting on use of levy for electricity efficiency

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) is proposing to use the electricity levy to make electricity efficiency improvements in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors in the coming year.

"Electricity efficiency directly helps our economy, by helping consumers reduce energy bills, and our businesses achieve greater productivity," EECA Chief Executive Mike Underhill said.

"The savings made through investing in electricity efficiency also helps all consumers by putting a downward pressure on prices."

EECA's electricity efficiency programmes, which are funded from the levy, are designed so that they generate savings that cost significantly less than new generation.

A proposed levy appropriation of $13 million for 2013/14 is the same amount as this year.

EECA proposes to use the levy to improve electricity efficiency in the following sectors:

The commercial sector, including commercial buildings, standards and labelling for commercial products, and commercial lighting
The industrial sector, including motor systems, and product standards for motors, pumps, fans and air compressors
The residential sector, including lighting, water and space heating, electrical products and appliances.

The electricity efficiency proposals are part of a joint consultation paper on the 2013/14 annual appropriations released by the Electricity Authority and EECA.

The paper covers all Electricity Authority appropriations and those EECA and Ministry of Consumer Affairs activities that are funded by the levy on industry participants.

The appropriation consultation period commences on 24 September 2012 and submissions close on 2 November 2012.

Submissions on the electricity efficiency component of the levy should be directed to EECA. Email