Avoid power hungry appliances – new online tool

EECA Energywise has launched a new online tool to help shoppers avoid buying power hungry appliances.

Efficient Products Manager Eddie Thompson says the new Rightware tool gives consumers information about the energy efficiency of appliances, as well as letting people compare and filter products for factors such as brand and size.

“Inefficient appliances can cost hundreds of dollars more to run over the life of the product and we want people to think about these ongoing running costs when they are shopping for a new household product. People can avoid wasting money and use less energy.”

For example, depending on the model you choose, the running cost of a new fridge/freezer over a 10 year period could be between $600 and $2,000, Mr Thompson says.

For the initial launch of Rightware, six popular consumer categories are included; heat pump air conditioners, televisions, fridge/freezers, clothes washers, clothes dryers and dishwashers. Other appliances, including some commercial products, will be added over the coming months.

Mr Thompson says EECA Energywise developed Rightware because consumers want more information online so they can research appliances before they go to the store. 

View the Rightware tool - Energywise website

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