Auckland Council commits to energy saving plan

Auckland Council has announced a commitment to improve the way it uses energy, as part of a three-year partnership with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

The agreement will see steps put in place to save energy and reduce carbon emissions across the council that should save Auckland ratepayers more than $700,000 per year.

The council will achieve this through improved energy management in existing council buildings which deliver significant savings and quick payback periods. It is also committing to working with EECA to identify additional opportunities for savings.
The agreement was signed at the council’s new premises at 135 Albert Street.  The building has already been retrofitted to be as energy efficient as possible. Features include efficient LED light fittings, more intelligent lighting and air conditioning controls, more efficient appliances and a move to laptops. After nearly a year of occupancy, these measures have resulted in a 40% reduction in energy use, or around $535,000 savings per year.

Mayor Len Brown says the agreement is an important part of the council’s strategy to reduce carbon emissions across Auckland. “As part of the Low Carbon Auckland Action Plan we have committed to reducing carbon emissions.  This is an opportunity to lead by example, as well as supporting Auckland’s businesses and households to do the same.

“By working in partnership with EECA, we will provide leadership on better energy management practices, improving sustainability and reducing council energy costs.”

EECA Chief Executive Mike Underhill says the commitment from Auckland Council is significant. “Auckland uses nearly a quarter of New Zealand’s energy, and is a vital part of our economy and energy future.  

“The council has an important leadership role to play in promoting energy efficiency initiatives, and its work with other businesses can influence them to increase their commitment to energy efficiency.”  

The three-year partnership will see the council work with EECA to identify and maximise energy efficiency opportunities across the council’s assets.  The agreement includes:

  • development and implementation of an energy management plan
  • improvements carried out to the council’s existing assets to maximise their efficiency (i.e. by tuning and optimizing control systems and improving the efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems)
  • development of business cases to prioritise the council’s investment in energy efficiency
  • promotion of NABERSNZ assessments and ratings for key council buildings
  • production of case studies to promote success stories, encouraging others to undertake similar projects/investments.

Media enquiries:

Kathryn Fitzpatrick, Senior Communications Advisor, EECA

Phone: 04 470 2238 or 027 403 3378