Additional funding of $24 million for Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart

The government has today announced a further change to the funding of Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart.

An additional $24 million has been negotiated by the Maori Party to insulate the homes of low income homes. This additional funding forms part of the Emissions Trading Scheme legislation agreement between the Government and the Maori Party.

Essentially, it means that there is more money for low income homes. Some funding will also be tagged to insulation projects with iwi, but these details are being worked through.

Does this mean there is more money in the programme?

Yes. The $24 million is additional to the $323 million originally set aside for the programme. It is for homeowners with a Community Services Card and some iwi-specific initiatives.

How do Maori access the Maori Party funding?

The details are being worked through but you may be able to access funding now. Go online or call the helpdesk to find a service provider in your area that offers CSC funding. There are no additional criteria required to access the funding.

It is also worth contacting your iwi to enquire about specific schemes.

Will more service providers need to enter the programme?

No. There are sufficient service providers to cover the existing and additional allocations.

Is this specifically for Maori?

Insulating low income homes is a priority for the programme and Maori are over-represented in this group. The application process is the same for everyone.

Does that mean I can get my house done sooner?

The changes will take a while to be sorted out with the different service providers in the regions.

It is possible that you might get work done sooner, but that is depends on how busy your selected service provider is. Give them a call and talk to them about their waitlist.

How is a home defined as being ‘Maori'?

The residents may choose to identify themselves as Maori to the Service Provider.

I have a Community Services Card and was told that I couldn't get on a scheme in my area / or I had a quote under the old scheme that the Service Provider can no longer honour - does this mean they will now be able to do my house?

It is going to take some time for us to work with service providers to make additional funding available this year. It could be that a service provider in your area will be able to offer you the higher level of discount in the coming months, but we don't have those details confirmed yet.

Check the website in the coming weeks.

Why are customers still having trouble accessing the scheme?

There is huge demand- much more than can be accommodated. There are 900,000 houses in New Zealand that don't have good enough insulation. We are targeting 188,500 over four years so demand will always outstrip supply.

Even with the additional allocation in the first year, the reality is, there is a finite pool of funding and not everyone will be able to get their house done under this programme.