Summaries of projects approved for co-funding

Successful Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund projects have ranged from supermarket delivery vans to off-street parking options. They have provided visible demonstrations of practical ways electric vehicles can be used.

Read statistics and summaries of all projects approved for co-funding under the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund.

Rounds 1-5 project summaries table

All projects (rounds 1-5) summaries spreadsheet [XLSX 44KB]

Round 5 projects

Round 5 projects - announced January 2019 [PDF 199KB]

Round 4 projects

Round 4 projects - announced August 2018 [PDF 1.2MB]

Round 3 projects

Round 3 projects - announced January 2018 [PDF 205KB]

Round 2 projects

Round 2 projects - announced August 2017 [PDF 606KB]

Round 1 projects

Round 1 projects - announced January 2017 [PDF 115KB]