Vegetables delivered the low carbon way

Kaitake Farm

Kaitake Farm is all about quality organic food and efficiency. An electric delivery van has fitted perfectly with its needs and brand, and helped to spread the word about EVs for business.

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Kaitake Farm in rural Taranaki grows quality, organic food with a focus on energy efficiency and low carbon. The farm was co-funded to buy a Nissan NV200 van to deliver produce to sales outlets, proving that electric delivery vehicles are viable in a rural context.

The van is used for deliveries six days a week. Its range of 100-120km more than meets the farm’s daily transport needs.

The van has been a talking point in the community, with the owners regularly popping the bonnet to show and tell people about owning an EV. Customers appreciate the extra environmental benefits of having organic vegetables delivered in an electric vehicle.

The project was approved for $11,693 of co-funding from round three of the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund.

 Insights from this project

  • Choose a vehicle that suits your requirements - in this case, a panel van with no back windows and a suitable range for deliveries.

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