Yoogo Share launches pure electric car share service

Yoogo Share EV - Christchurch launch

Yoogo Share is New Zealand's first 100% electric car sharing service. The company worked with Christchurch City Council to provide businesses and the public with access to a pool of 100 pure EVs

from eight hubs around Christchurch, making it the largest initiative of its type in the southern hemisphere.

It also helps the city deliver its sustainability goals.

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Yoogo Share’s app and web-based service allows members to book electric cars for everything from business errands to trips away at a minute’s notice.

It offers an alternative to traditional vehicle ownership. Alongside regular use of public transport, walking, scootering and cycling, it aims to decrease the number of vehicles on the road, improving congestion, air quality and reducing emissions significantly. 

The project launched in February 2018. By November 2018 members of the service saved over 80 tonnes of carbon emissions by using the shared electric vehicles instead of petrol/diesel equivalents. The savings will increase exponentially as more members sign up. 

Feedback shows drivers appreciate the service for making EVs accessible, convenient and affordable for travel around town and to/from the airport. The car share concept offers an affordable alternative to ownership. It removes the need for individuals to install charging infrastructure or worry about maintenance and repairs. They appreciate the ease of use, the EV driving experience and being able to do their part to reduce emissions.

The project was approved for $500,000 of co-funding from round two of the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund. 

 Insights from this project

  • EVs and car sharing are new concepts that require a change of mindset for most people.  Providing driver training and exceptional support has been a major contributor to customers feeling comfortable in adopting the service. 
  • Seamless, intuitive technology is a must-have.

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