NZ-made EV battery module for Nissan Leaf

NZ made EV battery module for Nissan Leaf WEB

Blue Cars Limited successfully developed an EV battery module with the potential to extend the life of New Zealand’s existing EV fleet.

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EV battery packs are made up of modules, each containing cells. The 30kWh Nissan Leaf battery pack, for example, has 24 modules, each with eight cells. Sometimes it’s possible to extend EV battery life by replacing the dead cells. This technology is still being developed around the world.

Auckland-based company Blue Cars rents, sells and services EVs with a founding goal of encouraging the uptake of EVs in New Zealand.

To make it easier to source new battery packs and modules for Nissan Leafs in New Zealand, Blue Cars Limited set out to design and build their own battery module for the popular EV model.

Two months of testing demonstrated that the Leaf was compatible with the newly developed battery module. This project holds the potential to extend the life of New Zealand’s existing EV fleet beyond their first battery packs.

In addition, it takes a first step towards offering a battery upgrade solution for EV owners in New Zealand. They found that their battery modules, if deployed throughout the rest of the battery, could have a 45% greater capacity than the original Leaf battery.

The project was approved for $23,100 of co-funding in round two of the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund.

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  • Building a strong case for co-funding is important to help your proposal stand out. Blue Cars recommends getting professional advice to help you write your proposal, particularly in specifying each of the elements with costings and timing, and in telling a compelling story.

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