Kiwi-built trucks deliver quieter rubbish collection

Palmerston North City Council rubbish truck

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The trucks collect solid waste and glass for recycling, replacing two leased diesel trucks. They were purpose-built by Auckland-based company Manco Environmental Ltd. Existing electric rubbish trucks in New Zealand have been converted from diesel.

They hit the road in August 2018.

Feedback from residents shows they appreciate the quietness of the trucks and their environmental advantages. They also support the council showing leadership in this area. The truck drivers find electric trucks physically lighter and quieter than diesel.

The project was approved for $350,000 of co-funding from round two of the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund. 

Insights from this project

  • Work through all the user requirements in detail, such as the battery range and the amount of power the hydraulics and machinery uses. Work closely with the supplier to ensure you specify exactly what you need.
  • Ensure stakeholders within your organisation understand and support the project. Bring your community along too, by publicising what you’re doing and its benefits. 

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