Flip the Fleet brings science to EV uptake

Flip the fleet

Flip the Fleet demonstrates the practicality and benefits of low emission vehicles through citizen science – a world first for EVs. Members submit regular data, which Flip the Fleet analyses to provide independent commentary on EV performance and ownership in New Zealand.

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Flip the Fleet demonstrates the performance of EVs and increases their visibility to prospective buyers through citizen science, media and public presentations.

A database of information gathered from EV-owning members is at the core of Flip the Fleet’s co-funded project and wider activities. Growing numbers of EV owners (more than 1,200 at the time the project was completed in November 2018) upload data from their low emission vehicles to a communal database and answer a short (‘1-click’) survey about EVs each month. 

This provides quantitative and qualitative information on, for example, the average distance travelled, efficiency (km/kWh), average speed, maintenance & repair costs, public charging costs, charging behaviours and battery health. Flip the Fleet is then able to estimate savings in fuel, repairs and maintenance costs avoided, ‘return on investment’, fuel use avoided, GHG emissions avoided and several equivalent offsetting metrics. 

The combination of scientifically defendable data from NZ conditions and owners’ testimony has helped Flip the Fleet develop a strong reputation as providers of independent, authoritative information on EV ownership and use in NZ conditions. This service is valued by businesses and individuals who visit the website to learn more about EVs. 

The project was approved for $88,583 of co-funding from round three of the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund.

 Insights from this project

  • Citizen science takes a lot of time to do well; participation depends on active facilitation and feedback.
  • Objective and scientifically analysed data is important for clear and informed decision-making. 

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