Electric truck conversion workshop opens

Waste Management EV truck launch

Waste Management received funding to open New Zealand’s first workshop dedicated to converting diesel trucks into electric vehicles.

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The Auckland workshop, known as the Electric Vehicle Innovation Hub, was co-funded through Waste Management’s successful application to the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund.

Waste Management expects to convert 20 of their diesel trucks have into electric vehicles in the first two years of the workshop’s operation.

The workshop will also be open to other companies looking to transform their vehicles into EVs.

The co-funding also supported Waste Management to have five different types of trucks converted in the Netherlands. The first was launched in Christchurch in February 2018.

At the time the workshop was opened, Waste Management already had three electric trucks in service in Auckland and Christchurch, with two more due to arrive from the Netherlands.

Converting trucks, rather than selling diesel trucks and replacing them with electric vehicles, effectively means fewer diesel trucks on our roads.

Waste Management are New Zealand's leading resource recovery, recycling, waste and environmental services provider. They have a fleet of more than 200 cars and 800 trucks covering most of New Zealand’s metropolitan and urban areas.

Read the media release - Waste Management website

Watch: Electric Vehicle Innovation Hub | 1:37 min