Charging opportunities for customers in smaller towns

Warehouse LEVCF

The Warehouse Group installed EV chargers at 24 The Warehouse stores across New Zealand where EV owners can charge while they shop.

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The Warehouse has 92 stores in New Zealand that are visited by hundreds of thousands of customers each week. EV chargers were installed in 24 The Warehouse store locations in smaller towns across the country including Gore, Timaru, Motueka, Hastings, Petone, Bell Block, Snells Beach and Whangarei.

This project provides charging infrastructure in these under-serviced areas with the aim of accelerating the uptake of EVs at these locations.

The Warehouse Group notes a growing environmental awareness among its customers, and believes the project encourages Kiwis outside the major city centres to consider EVs.

In addition, the project supports tourism by allowing EV drivers to travel confidently to these areas.

The Warehouse Group estimates that in 18 months, the project had saved 35 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Without the co-funding, The Warehouse Group would have installed chargers at a much slower rate and potentially have been limited to installation only in new stores.

This project was approved for $98,800 of co-funding from round one of the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund.


  • Take advantage of the non-financial support that EECA is able to provide – they have a wealth of resources, experience and connections with other businesses on the same journey.
  • The EECA funding application is straightforward to complete but EECA are happy to help you along the way when support is required.
  • The Warehouse Group is more than happy to share its learnings with other businesses in a similar position.

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