Auto-technicians upskill in EVs

LEVCF Evincible workshops

Training modules for auto-technicians are helping to grow New Zealand’s EV service industry.


Three training modules were developed by AECS so automotive workshops and technicians could increase their familiarity with EVs and develop EV servicing skills.

This was part of a two-part project. Co-applicants were EVincible, providers of EV consulting and project management services, and automotive training providers AECS Limited.

The training modules give auto-technicians a better overall understanding of EVs, how they work and what their maintenance requirements are. 

The training incorporates topics such as how EVs operate, how to read scan tool data, interpret battery life, vehicle recovery, EV pre-purchase inspections, and HV battery safety. Training is very hands-on, showing the parts of various components including a battery pack, gearbox and inverter. The training emphasises safety when working with high voltage components.

The other part of the project put electric courtesy cars in 24 automotive workshops around the country. Workshops that have taken advantage of this project, as well as the training, report both aspects work together to show current and potential customers that the workshop is EV-friendly. Demonstrating its ability to provide maintenance services overcomes a common concern for people thinking about buying an EV.

The total two-part project was approved for $263,450 of co-funding in round three of the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund.

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