Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund Round Three

Got an idea to support increasing the number of EVs on our roads, particularly for heavy vehicles or to close gaps in charging infrastructure? You may be eligible for funding.

Round three fund now open

The Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund Round Three is now open until 8am, 27 September 2017.

The request for proposals document, sample project funding agreement for successful applicants and response forms are available below.

These documents are also available on the New Zealand Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) website.

Access documents on GETS website

  • GETS RFx ID: 18910117
  • Reference Number: Round 3
  • Title: RFP for Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund


The fund provides up to $6 million per year to co-fund projects with private and public sector partners.

These projects will need to contribute to at least one of the following objectives:

  • Increasing the variety and supply of electric vehicles (EVs) available.
  • Improving the availability of servicing or charging infrastructure in areas where demand is not fully developed.
  • Increasing demand for EVs.
  • Developing innovative products or systems to take advantage of growing EV usage.

Assessment criteria

There are four criteria under which projects will be assessed:

  • Contribution to the fund’s objectives.
  • The project’s fit with the investment focus for this funding round.
  • The applicant’s ability to deliver.
  • The value for money the project offers.

Assessment process

The EECA Board makes funding decisions based on recommendations from an assessment panel. The assessment panel is chaired by EECA board member Elena Trout and comprised of experts from the energy, transport and freight sectors.

Investment focus

To ensure that investment is phased over the life of the fund in a way that matches New Zealand’s progress towards electric vehicles, each round will have a particular investment focus. The investment focus for round three has changed from the previous rounds.

The fund’s investment focus for round three is on projects that:

  • Support the development of the electric vehicle charging network by filling key gaps in the network.
  • Facilitate the scale up of EV technology, especially in vehicle fleets.
  • Enable the demonstration and uptake of light and heavy EVs and associated technologies in sectors of the economy where EVs remain relatively unproven.

Examples of the types of projects we would consider as fitting with this investment focus include:

  • Regional partnerships to catalyse territorial authorities and the electricity sector to build provincial EV communities, which will result in increased EV uptake, and the development of the rural charging network.
  • Charging infrastructure at tourism destinations, in smaller centres, and on secondary routes to help speed up the establishment of a nationwide recharging network.
  • Assisting with infrastructure costs to enable the rollout of bus fleets or large light vehicle fleets.
  • Demonstration of electric trucks and electric buses in the logistics and public transport sectors.


Electric bicycles (and other two and three wheelers), quadricycles, as well as the marine, rail and aviation sectors are outside the scope of the fund.